Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Miss Whitney Ashley

Our Sweet Little Whitney came to our family on 12-12-12. We are so happy to have her with us. She completes our family even more. She has been so sweet and pretty easy. She has been sleeping so well. The first two nights were hard but since then she has only gotten up once a night on average. That has been a blessing because Preslee is still running us tired during the day. 

A week before my due date my doctor asked me that IF I go overdue what day would I want to be induced. I said that 'the 12th would be really cool'. So he called the hospital and arranged for me to be called in that day if I hadn't had our babe yet. My due date rolled around (the 10th) and rolled away without Whitney coming. I wanted to have her on the 12th so bad that I started stressing about the labor and delivery unit being too full for me to be called in. I know last year on 11-11-11 the unit was so full of moms that somehow put themselves into labor so they could have their babes on that day. So I was worried there would be no room for me.... and plus I was ready not to be large and round anymore. I wanted to be comfortable.
The night before Whitney came to our family I was at Mutual with the youth in our ward. We went on a hay ride and went caroling to homes in our ward boundaries. Matt pulled us around on his four wheeler. My Young Women wanted to hold Preslee on the trailer so I sat with Matt on the four-wheeler. It was a bumpy ride. I was hoping that it would put me into labor on my own. That way I would ensure a spot in labor in delivery. Yet it did not. 
I received a call that same night from the hospital asking me if I could come in at 5am and if that was too early. I was willing to come in at any time. 
That night when we were putting Preslee to bed I felt horrible. I knew that the next time I would see her our new little one would be here and Preslee wouldn't be my only little girl anymore. I felt like I was betraying her in some way. I can't explain why it upset me. I was tired and full of so much anticipation and emotion. I called my sister Ashley and cried to her and she helped me feel better. She always does. Needless to say I hardly slept a wink that night,
Last Picture of me with Whit in my tummy.

I was started around 5:45 and prepared myself for another 30 hour labor like Preslee's. Yet this time I was smart and didn't wait 17 hours to finally get an epidural. I got it immediately after the y broke my water. My nurse Natalie was AMAZING. I told her that I tend to have long labors. She promised me that I would have my little girl by noon. 
Throughout my labor she would put me in various positions explaining to me that these positions would make the baby put weight on my uterus helping me dilate. It worked like a champ. Dr. Fowers came in around 11:30 to check on me and I was ready. Around 11:50 I started pushing and she came after 2.5 pushes at 11:54am. Less than 5.5 hours after I got to the hospital.  

First bath

Dad washed her hair and she loved it. she calmed right down.

Our family

Whitney and mom taking a nap waiting to be discharged

Preslee was very curious about little Whit. She just wanted to sit and look at her. She is learning to be soft with Whitney. She has her good days and her bad but it will come. She has come along way already.

My sister came to visit the weekend after Whitney was born. Preslee loves her Aunt Ashley so much. And I know Whitney will too. She was named after her after all. It was so good to see my sister. She was such a big help for me. Around the house and emotionally. She is so easy going about things and I want to be more like her. When I have babies I seemed to get uptight about silly things (like crying and sleeping schedules) and she helps me put things into perspective.

 We Love our new little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

E.I.E Yo

Preslee loves singing. She has been singing "The wheels on the Bus" for a few weeks now by saying. Rouw roaw roaw" While waving her hand in a circle. Today she started singing this song.

Life is good. We are expecting our little miss any day now. I have even had a few contractions tonight. Not that that really means anything. We are excited and we have everything ready for her arrival. Except for a hospital bag. I am really nervous. I was imagining leaving to go to the hospital and I couldn't imaging not having Preslee with me. She is my other half. We go everywhere together. I hope it all works out.
This baby is due on the 10th. The Doctor asked me if she does not come by then, then what date would I want to be started on. I said the 12th would be really cool. So if she does not come by one week from today. They will start me. He said that if a baby goes too far overdue then the placenta stops performing as well and does not provide the baby sufficient nutrients. The baby could lose weight and not be able to withstand the strains of birth. Which usually result in c-sections. So I was ok with setting a date to be induced even though I don't love the idea of not letting nature to take it's own coarse. And, he did make a good point.
Also, if she does come next wed. That would be 12-12-12. Cool day to be born I'd say. But if she comes before that on her own.... which I feel she just may (with the feelings that I have had tonight) than that is totally fine with me.
Preslee is also saying so many words. She pretty much will try to say whatever we say.
Moday's big word was so clear: Breakfast. She also called one of her bows I put in her hair "Pretty".
Today she said "yellow" 
She really seams to say something new everyday. She is getting the whole talking bit down and fast. She really communicates well with me and I know she understands me. She is such a great little girl and I am so proud of her. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our last little trip as a family of three and a mutt

I wanted to get away one last time before the baby comes. We decided to visit my sister's family in St. George. It had been way too long since we have seen them. 
We had so much fun.
Of all the places there are to sit.

Preslee and t-bird riding together in a cart at Costco.

It was so warm in St. George. I had forgotten what it would be like in October and I packed to warm of clothes for Preslee and I. 

So warm we took my sister's boat out and had a great time

Preslee is always a little unsure when she gets on a boat but then eventually gets more comfortable. It ends up being one of those moments that a mom loves when your child climbs on your lap and snuggles next you you to give them comfort that all is well.

I held then flag. No water time for this lady. Not this far into my pregnancy.

Love moments like this. I love being with my family.

Preslee feeling more comfortable and me feeling less comfortable. I don't know how many times I told Matt to hold onto her tight. I get so worried.

Rick being a thug.

After boating and putting the kids to bed. The ladies went 'out on the town' to the DI and grocery store. I know, exciting!!!! But really when it is the three of us together. Everything is fun and exciting.

Ash and I saw this at the store and had to get it to read more. We also took about 30 pictures of us trying to pose and look so disappointed. We just kept laughing the whole time.

On our way home we had the back of Matt's truck chuck full. We had a crib and mattress. Four wheeler, a rocking horse, ladder,little red play car. a scooter. luggage, a toy table, A snow blade to attach to the four wheeler, and ramps.

Back on grandma's swing.

Beyond tired for the drive home.

Playing all sorts of things. Like catch up (on blogging)

I was talking to one of my greatest friends/ and mission companion, Sara Maxwell, tonight and she mentioned that she was going to spend some time and write on her journal. I though..'I need to day that.' Both my blag and my personal paper journal have been ignored. I feel that I am always behind and so many things are happening. Preslee is just growing and learning so fast and I want to document it all and don't want to miss anything.

In October We went at a family to Little Bear Bottoms and played on the hay stacks. Preslee seemed to love it. She really is a little monkey. She climbs on everything and shows no fear. It makes me nervous and gives me reason to never leave her side.
Matt played with Preslee on the hay.  You know, cause he doesn't have a large belly that makes things awkward or anything. 

Jumping on the Mattress. We are thinking of getting Preslee a little tramp for Christmas. That way she can do something to get her energy out while we are inside from the cold and with her little new born sister. And plus she just loves to jump.

At Grandpa and Grandma Brown's house swinging on the big kid swing for the first time.

Preslee's bedroom update. We bought cute little lamps at target that look so good in her room. You can't really tell in this picture.

Our little miss was a duck for Halloween. I would have dressed her up in something more cutesy and girly but she just loves and adores ducks. So I just had do. I think she loved being a duck too. Her head piece would not stay on her head right and kept falling into her eyes. That was the only fall back. I am just surprised and lucky that she actually kept in on her head. And since I am just the housewife of the year and all, I have not found a storage bin to put our Halloween stuff in (all 5 items). So her duck costume is in her drawer and she likes to pull it out and put it on every once in a while. That is find by me. 
Trunk-or-treating at the church

We did our Annual Halloween stop at the Miller's and stayed a bit. Preslee loved helping pass out candy.

Matt: Beaver-ite (Ok so he says he was supposed to be a farmer but to me he looked like.. I don't even know even now. Without the hat and teeth he just looked like normal Matt).
Me: a Witch (obviously)
Little miss: Duck

I made my hat and I loved it.... now how to store it?

Scanning over her candy at the end of the night. 
(In order to keep her hat on we had to tuck it behind her ears)
Whenever Preslee goes to the Doctor with me they always giver her a dumb dumb sucker. She loves them. So that is what she chose when she would pick out her candy? A sucker. In my head I'm thinking: I will eat more of this candy than I am going to let her eat (I'm nice I know) so she should be choosing the chocolate and good stuff. Not the Dumb Dumbs. Lets just say that we have a bowl full of dumb dumb at our house. 

Playing ball with dad at another tailgate party

Grandma Jessie's chair update:
She is done!!!!
We bought cushions from the DI and cut them open to use their batting. That stuff is so expensive at the stores! 

Visiting Dad at work:

A Quick Project:
My sister Let me have these crib bumpers to put in the temporary crib that we are putting up for Preslee until she is ready for a toddler. I washed them and they did not survive the wash. The batting in them just crumpled up and they lost their shape.
But I loved the material and I didn't want to just throw them away. So I made little pillows out of them. 
I still don't know how I feel about them 

The Long one is nice to have around because it is a great support for my big round belly when I am sitting or laying on the couch.

Eating Popcorn with mom

She was putting the popcorn in my mouth so fast I could barely chew fast enough. It was making me laugh. She is good at sharing.

Whew Looks like I am semi caught up.